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What i do

When people ask me what I do, I find it difficult to give an exact answer.

My job is very dynamic and I work on a wide variety fields relating to art, such as; drawing, painting, sculpture and installation.

What I can answer is more about the process I go through to create each piece.

Each work has two parallel layers. The first layer is choosing which materials and techniques I want to use. The second layer is the story or meaning I want to express.

No matter which level starts first, the technique or the story, in the end they both come to the same point, the time to do art.

For this reason it is important for me in my work that the process is explicit in the final result.

Each piece of art is a string of different actions, each decision at each stage of the work build the creation, and the relationship with the result changes every day.

This process always moves me, and what is more beautiful to know, is that at any stage, there is always an opportunity to start all over again.again.

A little Story

I was born in Uruguay in 1984 and grew up in the Jewish Community in Montevideo

From an early age, I was drawn to the arts and participated in several courses and workshops and eventually began to study it full time.

I studied at the ORT University my first degree being in Industrial Design. After completing my degree I worked in a design studio where I gained much valued experience. 

The work consisted of planning the design on the computer and researching the necessary materials and needs of the final product. Once the process of designing the product is complete it is handed over to the craftsmen to make the design a reality. 


It was here that I understood that I wanted to devote myself to practical work, working with my hands.

At this time, I started studying sculpture at the Technical School, Pedro Figari, in Montevideo. One year into my studies I decided to move to Israel to pursue my personal and professional dreams.


I was accepted to Basis, Israel’s School of Sculpture and continued my studies here for 4 years. It was during my time at Basis that I built my vision of art and learnt various methods of creating my visions though continuous and intense practice.

I also learnt to teach myself and materialized my thoughts into artworks.


During my studies I exhibited my work in various  locations around Israel as well as 
participated in student exchange programs in Switzerland and Scotland.

I currently work out of my studio "Carton Studio" in Israel on commissioned jobs as well as my own desings. I also dedicate my time teaching art as assistent and as a volunteer in the local community.

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