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Sculpture enlargement from model

The customer provided the glass horse which dimesions were 10 cm heigh.

The enlarment scale was 1:10, thats means that the final sculpture height is 1 meter.

We take measurements from the model in order to made a iron rod construction. Once we have the construction we add mass through wood pieces, after that we fill it with clay according to the model.


Chocolate sculpture

This chocolate sculpture was ordered by a chef. The technique used in this case is carving sculpting. 

I started from a chocolate block and used diferents tools to take out material. This technique is like traditional stone sculptures, but in this case is also tasty.

Scultures enlargements 

This work was a group project for a kids hospital garden.

Student from "Basis School of Art" were responsible for 12 cartoon character enlargements.

The material used for this work was plasticine, the process is continued with plaster molds and polyester casts. Finally colour application and assembly in place.

Marzipan sculpture 

I was asked to make a Roman style portrait from marzipan.

This material is technically similar to clay.

First I made the inner construction and then added the marzipan onto it.


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